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Super cult Pyschedelic Rock release, the first Dutch Psyche release ever apparently.

Originally pressed in 1969, this still sounds amazing over 40 years later!

Original copies sell for hundreds of pounds and even the previous reissue from 1999 sells for big bucks but now, all these years later comes an affordable legitimate repro, along with an interview with the band and a bonus poster.

The A-side is a killer song that powers along relentlessly with a massive hook and layered guitar solos.

The flip side contains a slower song 'See Those Girls' which sounds reminiscent of bands such as LED ZEPPELIN, early BLACK SABBATH, DEEP PURPLE etc. and has it's own tripped out vibe that conjures up an image of darkness lit by festival bonfires (no doubt naked hippies are dancing round it)

The band were nororious hellraisers at the time of this recording and were actually banned from playng many venues due to their raucous debauched stage show.

Quote from the band interview:
"A gig of The Sound Of Imker meant chaos, booze and blood. It was rough and demonical and always all over the newspapers. There wasn't a single record company that wanted to contact us, but the venues we played were always packed with people"

This 7" has been on my wants list for many years now so i'm thrilled to finally obtain a vinyl copy. You should be too.

Very limited stock available, i'm sure this pressing will be gone in the blink of an eye.