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6 track split 7" from two raging UKHC bands.

Bias aside, (having recently helped release their debut LP)
THE DOMESTICS have seriously raised the bar on this 7" and breathed new life into the stagnant UK hardcore scene.
This is brilliant!
The opening song instantly brings to mind CONFLICT circa 'Final Conflict' era and i've been repeating that since I first laid it on the slipmat earlier today.
3 blasts of excellent angry punk rock and one spoken work poem that sounds like it could have been on one of those late 80's Oi comps.
VOLUNTEERS are a new band to me (I have no idea if this is their first vinyl outing) and they make a good match up, coming across as a more tuneful ACTIVE MINDS with their two songs.

Limited 500 pressing with download code.

This should be well received, if there's any sense or justice!

Limited stock available.