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8 track split LP from two of Greece's finest Crust bands.

Two years of meticulous songwriting has created an absolute maelstrom of an LP.

Those with an eye on the Greek underground scene, or the crust scene in general, will (or should) be familiar with both of these bands.
LETHE (Λήθη in Greek) had their debut LP out on Imminent Destruction and it sold out quite some time back.

CONSPIRACY OF DENIAL kick off the split on side A and show they're more than matched for this split as they tear through their 4 songs with power and spirit. Not dissimilar to their compatriots in musical style, they have a distinctive vocalist that stands them apart.
Their songs build higher and higher to a crescendo to end their side, where they actually cover a LETHE song, excellent stuff.

LETHE take over on side B with 4 new songs and take levels even higher, whipping up a storm with their powerful and emotional output that sounds like every atom of their hearts and minds have gone into these songs.
The complexity and variation of the songs are impressive, as is the solid production, and i'd go so far as to admit these songs are an improvement on their first LP (which is saying something).
They purvey a darkness that always contains a feeling of hope and their sound is one of perpetual struggle and resistance.
Their 4 songs sound like a full LP in their own right, such is the intricacy of the songwriting and after a deceiving slower start to their side, they blaze through to the last track where they return the favour and cover a CONSPIRACY OF DENIAL song (fairs fair eh?)

I'm not gonna be cheesy and call this a masterpiece but what I will say is that it's monstrous in sound and a must for Crust lovers for sure, you'll go far to find better.

Comes with a nice booklet with intelligent lyrics in both Greek and English.

Don't miss this one!