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What a find this is!
Ultra cool debut release from a great new label G-LORD RECORDS.
If the releases that follow are up to this standard, you'll be seeing them regularly.
Awesome packaging that includes an OBI, 2 stickers and 2 patches, plus the whole layout looks cool as fuck too. Check the photos for confirmation.
Shit, it even comes with a download code so you millennials don't even have to spin it!

The music is spot on also, really thumping, burly hardcore punk which hails from Malaysia, but could easily pass for Japanese.
To give you an idea of how this sounds and to try to back up that last statement, imagine a mix of TETSU ARREY and LAST SURVIVORS, add a little Scandinavian Punk flavour and you'll be pretty much there.

This gets two thumbs and a dick up for sure!

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