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6 track split 7" from these two Norweigan Punk bands.

JENKEM WARRIORS play fast, raging Scandi HC with duel male / female vocals and an Anarcho vibe.
Kind of like a mix of TOTALITAR and LIVE BUT HOW TO LIVE IT?

ANTI-SOCIAL REJECTS are a band i've not heard for years, since the made a split 7" with DISARDER (ex-DISORDER members who relocated to Norway) and to be honest I couldn't remember what they sounded like, even though I do like that split.
They play an (only just) slower form of hardcore but no less angry.
The last of their three songs sounds a lot like 'Trowbridge Park' by the SUBHUMANS.

Good solid split, although i'm making JENKEM WARRIORS the winner here as I REALLY dig their songs.

Proper DIY package here, sleeve fold out into a big poster.

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